Three Twisted Sisters™

Three Twisted Sisters™: #2 Top Rides in the US

This 100-mile loop is, without a doubt, among the best, most challenging motorcycle roads in the state. The route follows canyons and climbs jagged, steep hills; the roads offer many tight, twisty curves with shear drop offs alongside and not much in the way of guardrails. In one 15-mile section, there are approximately 65 curves! Experienced riders bliss out on this ride. Beginners are cautioned to focus on the road—even when a panoramic vista pops up along the way. Don’t forget to top off the gas tank before heading out.

Three Twisted Sisters™ were named #2 in the Top 10 Motorcycle Rides in the US! For 2023 by Great Motorcycle Roads:

While fun, these roads can also be dangerous. We team up with to raise motorcycle safety awareness.