Bent Rim Grill

Ride to Eat, Eat to Ride

Before 2007, if you visited us at the old barn during the weekend, you may have tasted one of Bob’s delicious BBQ Brisket sandwiches. Now you can enjoy even more tasty offerings at the Bent Rim Grill next to the Frio Canyon Motorcycle Stop. 

All our burgers are 100% Beef and are grilled to order

The Bent Rim Grill offers a variety of burgers made from Black Angus Beef.  All our burgers are 100% Beef and are grilled to order, not waiting under a heat lamp.  Our french fries, onion rings, tater tots, and Texas Toothpicks are fried in 0% trans fat oil.  We have a variety of other sandwich choices and can make  something special for our vegetarian guests.  Our beverage menu has expanded to offer beer and  wine, sodas, iced tea, water, and Gatorade. 

We welcome everyone on wheels

We can accommodate large numbers of guests with car clubs, hot  rod groups, or motorcycle enthusiasts.  If your next club event is being held in Leakey, we can  arrange a catered event on the patio or a pre-ride breakfast on the weekends.  Remember, at the Bent Rim Grill we strive to get everyone served quickly so the group can eat  together and no one is left behind.

group of cars parked at a car show

Plan your next group visit

We would love to help you with your next group/club ride or visit to the Texas Hill Country.  For lunches we can prepare our famous “Fast  Lunch” of a BBQ Brisket, Pulled Pork sandwich or BBQ Chicken served with potato  chips. This can feed a group of 75-100 within an hour.  Everyone can arrive and depart together.  Please call 14 days in advance to make  arrangements, (830) 232-6649.  We’ve hosted rehearsal dinners, birthday parties for both people and  dogs.  Give us a call and let us help you create a memorable event.  


Choose Your Ride

Come visit us in person to find out about our “off the menu” items



1/2lb Angus Beef on a Jalapeno/Cheddar Bun with Pepperjack Cheese, roasted Hatch Green Chilis and Cajun Mayo

Indian Chief


1/2lb Angus Beef on a Sourdough Bun with Bacon and Cheddar Cheese



Black Bean Vegan Burger on a Jalapeno/Cheddar Bun with Guacamole

Ultra Classic Burger


1/2lb Angus Beef on a Jalapeno/Cheddar Bun with your choice of American, Swiss, Provolone, or Pepperjack Cheese

Victory Vision


1/2lb of Angus Beef on a Telera Bun with two slices of Swiss Cheese, Grilled Onions and Mayo

Fat Bob Burger


1/2lb of Angus Beef on a Jalapeno/Cheddar Bun with Pepperjack Cheese, Smoky Bacon, and Cajun Spiced Mayo

Road King Burger


1/2lb Angus Beef on a Jalapeno/Cheddar Bun



Grilled Chicken Breast with Bacon, Provolone Cheese and Chipotle Ranch Dressing



1/3lb Angus Beef with American Cheese, Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato



Chicken Fried Chicken Breast with Mayo, Lettuce and Tomato



Chicken Fried Steak with Mayo, Lettuce and Tomato

Softail Burger


$6.49 with cheese

1/3lb Angus Beef with Lettuce and Tomato



Grilled Chicken Breast with Lettuce and Tomato


Garden Veggie Burger



Battered All White Meat Chicken Chunks with Fries



Same as Scooter with Spicy Chunks



Classic Frito Pie



All Beef Hot Dog with Homestyle Chili and Cheese on an Artisan Bun



All Beef Hot Dog on an Artisan Bun


Onion Rings
Sweet Potato Waffle Fries
Fried Dill Pickle Spears


French Fries


Chili Cheese Fries or Tots


Tater Tots









Coke, Diet Coke, Dr. Pepper, Diet Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, A&W, Diet A&W, 7-up, Diet 7-up





Beer, Wine, and Wine Coolers